Thursday, April 6, 2017

Never Mind: One More Post

I forgot that I had one more assignment to post before I'm done with my blog for good.  I had to organize or attend a "GIS Day event," and since GIS Day was back in November, I had to organize my own.  I set up a temporary museum exhibit at a library in Elmwood, Illinois, where I had some educational materials pertaining to both archaeology and GIS.  I had previously conducted an archaeological survey on a farm in Illinois, and found about 360 artifacts over a 78-acre survey area, so I set up some of those artifacts at the library, along with maps of the survey and illustrations of prehistoric life.  The maps were made with ArcGIS for Desktop, but the data was collected with a Trimble GNNS receiver outfitted with TerraSync software.  I invited a fair amount of people, but nobody in town came to see the exhibit, which is about what I was expecting (and sort of hoping for), so I got to sit in the library and read all day.

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